It’s alive!!! April 24th!!!

Surprise!! The Sociable Tweed Ride is trying again.  This time on a Sunday and in the spring, April 24th @ 10am.

The route is the same as last time as outlined in this post. Route ride #2. Now with Final Details and Pictures of the Rack Queen.  Starting at Brugger’s Bagels with the only difference is ending at Wolff’s Biergarten on Erie Boulevard.

This was the original time that the Albany Tweed Ride was scheduled.  Sadly, that successful ride is no longer happening.

Well, spread the news and dress up to ride!

Tulip and Tweed ride

Sorry for not posting this after the ride.  I haven’t been on my computer much lately.

One word to describe the ride, HOT!

Two words, VERY HOT.

It started with a nice sized group, but no where near the Albany Tweed Rides.  Also, most people peeled off at the Albany Tulip Festival itself.  At the end, 5 returned to the starting point.

There was one steep yet steep hill I had to get off and walk.  I found out that my seat has been slowly lowering itself, so I was not getting the optimal pedaling for the bike. I have brought a new seat post, hopefully, that will stop that silliness.  A new kickstand may also be in order.  Note to self: You own water bottles, USE THEM!

I did get compliments on the bike itself.  There was two other cruiser style bike there but most were racing or mountain bikes.  Everyone I talked to never knew about drum brakes or geared hubs come in other speeds than just 3.

I will have to admit that right now I’m not too enthusiastic about doing a second ride this fall. But that could change.

Here is a picture of my bike, some of the other bikes, and some of the people there.  Finally, my bike is in a group picture.

A civilized ride through the streets of Schenectady, NY.